The IneoQuest® FoQus™ Platform is the industry’s premier portfolio of complementary video quality assurance solutions which combine to deliver the actionable insights video businesses need to understand their viewers’ experience, increase viewer satisfaction and decrease customer churn.

The platform is built on multiple data acquisition elements targeted at specific critical points in the video distribution chain—from content preparation, through network delivery, to device playback. This data is then aggregated, correlated and processed through IneoQuest’s powerful iQ Engines, to provide an immediate and accurate view into the performance of - and demand for - your video content and services.

A true synthesis of network operational and audience behavioral intelligence.

And because every video business is different, the platform provides a set of targeted FoQus solutions that address the specific needs of your business and type of content.

So whether you’re a broadcaster, content owner, network operator or enterprise – or provide critical video delivery services and infrastructure—the IneoQuest FoQus Platform has solutions that give you unparalleled visibility into the health of your video business.

Our Platform or Yours?

If you are interested in SaaS-based FoQus services or hosted solutions, you can leverage IneoQuest’s managed FoQus Platform. Alternatively, you can build your own customized FoQus Platform from combinations of Inspector, Surveyor, and Spectator acquisition elements and iQ Engine processing elements, as many of our customers do. These solutions are scalable, so you can start with a small platform, and grow as your business needs require.

A Flexible Platform Built on Software

IneoQuest recognizes that our broad customer base requires quality intelligence solutions in different formats. From our appliance-based roots in the lab, we understand what it takes to make robust, reliable hardware appliances. But as the industry has evolved, we have recognized that not every customer needs - or can use - an appliance-based solution. For example,

Our latest solutions are completely software based, designed to run on modern server technology. And as the video assurance industry’s first vendor to offer virtualizable solutions for NFV network architectures, we offer the most flexible solution portfolio in the industry. Appliance, Licensed Software, NFV/Cloud, or Service – the choice is yours.

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