Collection and Processing

Acquiring data is a critical first step to understanding your video business, but when you are gathering that data from many different points across the network - tens, hundreds, thousands, or even millions in the case of end devices - you need tools to manage and converts that information into knowledge and insight.

Those tools can be found in the iQ Engine product family, which complement our acquisition solutions. Each iQ Engine is designed to work with many data acquisition elements across your network, for the purpose of collecting, processing, and correlating that information, so that you can connect the quality measurement made at one end of your network to an associated one at the other end. This real time visibility is a key to the power of the FoQus Platform.

iVMS™ (Integrated Video Management System)

You operate a large network, and you have built a FoQus platform with many IneoQuest Acquisition elements; multiple solutions from the Inspector and/or Surveyor families, all gathering data in real-time from their respective network areas. The network may support Linear/IPTV to set top boxes, or OTT/Adaptive bitrate video content. You would like a single comprehensive view and control of your FoQus Platform Acquisition Elements.

The iVMS iQ Engines provide that comprehensive view of your FoQus platform assets. Management systems are available for Linear/IPTV networks (iVMS) or adaptive bitrate networks (iVMS ASM). iVMS tracks QoE and QoS data for thousands of programs across hundreds of acquisition elements to provide true end-to-end, centralized video quality management. With iVMS, you can drill down to identify and isolate the root cause of issues by program, time and location. In order to reduce repair time (MTTR), iVMS can send alert notifications via email to technicians, operations, and engineering staff, and can present collected information to OSS/BSS systems via a northbound interface. iVMS also collects and stores statistics, supporting historical network performance analysis in addition to its real-time capabilities.

iVMS ASM (Adaptive Streaming) Data Sheet

iVMS Data Sheet

cPAR™ (Consolidated Performance and Reporting)

You have a large network, and you have a FoQus platform of many IneoQuest Acquisition and iVMS solutions. You are dealing with some big questions that require looking at a lot of data over a long period of time. Questions like “How is my network video performance today, compared to a year ago” and “where should I make my next infrastructure investment?” You need the ability to easily and efficiently generate specific operations analysis reports over many months…or longer.

cPAR can simplify your ability to quickly get the answers you need. cPAR extends the capabilities of your FoQus platform (iVMS, iVMS ASM, or cVOC systems) by performing analysis of very large data sets over long periods of time. It extends the historical record-keeping capabilities of your FoQus platform, and provides reports customization so that you can create the dashboards that you need to expand your video business intelligence.

cPAR can be configured to support Linear IP, Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) IP, and RF/QAM networks, and offers support for mobile reporting to iOS devices.

cPAR Data Sheet

PLM™ (Program Lineup Manager)

You have a large IPTV network – possibly many IPTV networks in different regions - and you leverage a FoQus platform of many IneoQuest Acquisition and iVMS elements to keep everything running smoothly. You like the power that end-to-end and cross-network analysis of common program streams provides, but it can be difficult to keep all of your elements configured within a common, synchronized plan.

The Program Line-Up Manager (PLM) is a centralized configuration management tool that ensures that the elements of your FoQus platform are configured in a synchronized manner. By automating and scheduling the download of program line-up changes, PLM removes much of the manual work required to make the necessary ongoing changes and updates, and can give you back the substantial number of staff-hours required to make these changes manually – or track down the problems when they are done incorrectly.

PLM Data Sheet

cVOC™ (Consolidated Video Operations Center)

You operate a massive, multi–region network which delivers video content via IPTV networks to set-top boxes, as well as via Internet-connected Adaptive Bitrate (ABR) streaming networks. You leverage a FoQus platform, possibly including many IneoQuest Acquisition elements, iVMS elements, and AMP ASM to keep everything running smoothly. You need a Network Operations Center (NOC) on steroids, one that can collect the “big data” from all of these different networks in a way that not only allows you to make sense of it all, but also manage it in a comprehensive, efficient manner.

cVOC is the FoQus platform’s pinnacle iQ Engine. It pulls together all of your FoQus platform elements into a single, powerful, comprehensive view – a view that only IneoQuest can provide across the video assurance industry. By pulling together iVMS and AMP ASM solution data from across your networks, cVOC can tie together issues occurring at viewer devices to a head-end root cause. Or alternatively, it can identify the viewer impact scope an encoder issue will have. With cVOC, access to the data intelligence needed to monitor the entire video delivery network is just a log-in away.

cVOC Data Sheet

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