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You’re streaming a big event - a season premiere, a sporting event, a concert…. and you must do your best to make sure it all goes smoothly, because a lot is riding on it. The event is right around the corner. Is your delivery system up to the challenge? What will happen if you get far more visitors than you expect? Can your CDN scale up to handle the load? Will your overseas viewers be happy? How about your mobile audience? Will your content play on all of their different devices? Too many questions, and too few answers.

You CAN get these answers quickly, without installing test equipment all over the Internet, or deploying new apps that can measure what is happening at the viewer’s device. In fact, if something bad is happening at the viewer device, it is too late.

The FoQus|Event Service was designed for you.

IneoQuest’s technology, deployed in the cloud for rapid scalability and broad geographic coverage, is used today to monitor some of the biggest, most visible events on the planet.

This flexible, cloud-based video service assurance solution makes it easy to test your distribution system before your event, and monitor the quality and availability of your content during the event, through information-rich browser-based dashboards. And maybe best of all,the subscription-based SaaS model fits many businesses’ needs for a turnkey, “pay as you grow” solution that does not require up-front capital investment or access to network infrastructure.

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FoQus Support Services

Whether you’re improving and expanding your existing IPTV infrastructure, transitioning to hybrid IPTV/OTT solutions, or going pure OTT, IneoQuest’s team of seasoned support experts can help. Our knowledge of the video services industry and experience working alongside hundreds of the world’s largest video networks and providers give our Services team the knowledge and experience to help you with everything from managing existing products and services to transitioning to the latest technologies.

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